Carbon Copy Gujarati Natak

Review: Carbon Copy is a superhit family cum comedy Gujarati Natak.  A rich industrialist named Narottam is the owner of the Thakorji Group of Industries. Narottam lives a happy life with his father Vadilal, his wife, a son and a daughter.

The Thakorji Group of Industries is soon going to complete 51 years of success. Vadilal is a strict father and a grandfather in preserving the image of a Thakrsingh Family. Vadilal sees Yogi in the Sun n Sand bar with a girl named Antara and he is upset with him as he sees him having beer. But then the problem gets solved.

A boy name Abhishek comes to meet Narrotam and gives him an envelope as a gift for the 51st Anniversary of Thakarsingh Group of Industries. When he opens the envelope Narrotam gets shocked as it opens up his 25 years old memories of London where he went to study and fall in love with a girl named Mitali. The photographs proves that Abhishek is Narrotam’s son.

Abhishek asks Narrotam to give his name to him as his mother Mitali has already passed away. Narrotam has proved himself to be an ideal husband, son and father until now so he disagrees with Abhishek’s proposal. Abhishek promises him that he will have to accept him in next 48 hours.

Abhishek enters the house as a new driver and becomes everyone’s favourite. Abhishek pleads Narrotam to give his name and Narrotam tells the truth to his wife. And immediately he faints and the family comes to know that his both kidneys are fail from last 6 months and he is going through dialysis and he is been hiding this from the family.

Now what will happen to Narrotam?? Who will donate him kidney as his own wife’s kidney doesn’t match with his and his son and daughter denies to donate their one kidney to Narrotam. If Abhishek donates what will he ask for in turn??

Cast: Firoz Bhagat, Sachi Joshi, Ajay Parekh, Pritesh Sodha, Jay Bhatt, Jaimin Dave,Kkshitisha Soni, Manali, Sharad Sharma

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Director: Firoz Bhagat

Carbon Copy Gujarati Natak

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