Bhalai No Jamaano Nathi Bhaila Gujarati Natak

Review: Bhalai No Jamaano Nathi Bhaila is a social and suspense Gujarati Natak altogether. The natak proves that how easy it is to misunderstand someone and blame the person for no reason. Many of us would have gone through similar kind of misunderstanding in their life too.

This is a story of the family of Dhirubhai who is a builder living happily with his wife, three sons and 2 daughter -in-laws and a grandson of an elder son. The family lives happily but suddenly misfortunes starts striking in the family. Unfortunate and unpromising events start happening in the family and Dhirubhai’s wife practise Bhagwat, havan all the rituals but the condition does not improve at all. Problems keep arising between their sons, son and daughter-in-law’s life and so on.

Dhirubhai’s wife gets helpless and invites some tantric Guruji to their house to seek his help and solve their problems. The tantric Guru does his calculations and says that the house is full of problems and are going to continue as their is some black magic done in their house by one of the family member only. And now starts the blame game. The family members starts pointing their fingers at each other and keeps suspecting and judging each and every single act of the family. 

All the family members explains their act when they have been asked by the family members to answer their justification. The eldest daughter-in-law denies to give any clarification or explanation of the secret act done by her at the midnight and caught by one of the family member. So the members becomes sure that the elder daughter-in-law has done the black magic on the younger daughter-in-law.

Is the elder daughter-in-law the actual person responsible for all the inauspicious and unpromising acts in the family?? Watch the natak to know the suspense.

Cast: Jagesh Mukati, Nimesh Joshi, Paresh Bhatt, Khushbu Brahmbhatt, Deval Mehta, Shekhar Joshi, Krishna Shukla, Sachi Joshi

Director: Kaushal Shah

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Bhalai No Jamaano Nathi Bhaila Gujarati Natak

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