Bey Yaar Gujarati Movie

Review: Bey Yaar Gujarati Movie In the desperation to earn quick money, two best friends put their moral values at stake and end up losing their pride and dignity. They then choose a wrong path to set things right and snatch back what was rightfully theirs.

Chako and Tino are two best friends who aspire to scale new heights in life. However, the two medical representatives always fail to make a killing with their marketing flair — especially in selling cough syrup to the physician whom they meet up regularly at his clinic — and start looking for other ways to bring it on. A series of futile attempts, that includes going to a self proclaimed baba with amazing powers to treble up their initial investment only to find out later that the entire battalion has done a vanishing act, the duo realizes there needs to be done more in life. This is where all the trouble brews in. The end result — a concoctions of emotions, deceits and clever revenge plan. Divyang Thakkar is outstanding in his second Gujarati film. In fact, Divyang exceeded the expectations of in many ways. The actor, for a second time, proved that he has got in him the quality essential to steal a show onscreen. At the same time Pratik Gandhi played his part with conviction. Samvedna Suwalka too did a wonderful job as the smart and intelligent girl with an ability to manage the toughest of situations with ease. What is amazing about the movie is that there is not a single moment of dullness thanks to the wonderful editing. No redundant song sequences, no unwarranted flab —it is plain and simple entertainment delivered straight from the viewpoint of the zoetrope. Every dialogue weaved into the story has a meaning. So much so that when Darshan Jariwala talks about the relevance of cubism and the relationship between an artist and art, it touches the soul. Jariwala’s inspiring act adds another dimension to the story, while Manoj Joshi is fantastic as the cunning art connoisseur waiting for the right opportunity to make profit. Comedy interspersed amid some serious thought adds another interesting angle. Particularly, the typical Dhollywood film shooting and the dialogue delivery scenes lead to a laugh riot. The handwork of the entire team is obvious in every second, every shot and every frame. Director Abhishek Jain’s honest attempt to give the Gujarati audience pure and unadulterated entertainment definitely shows up in the film. What is noteworthy is the attempt to establish a connect. And the topic of art and art appreciation simply steals hearts of Gujaratis — especially Amdavadis. Kavin Dave’s role of an aspiring painter madly in love with the lady with her face fully clad in a dupatta, riding on a two wheeler and the excitement of chancing upon the unknown lady, is adorable. The beauty and the serenity of the Sabarmati Riverfront has been captured wonderfully, by taking the shots from a totally different perspective. It ‘s a movie that the quintessential Gujarati will relate the most to. If total paisa vassal is what one is looking for Bey Yaar offers the same. Wonderfully executed, beautifully crafted and crisply edited, the movie makes the popcorn and the hot cuppa more enjoyable. A must watch, for sure.

Cast: Darshan Jariwala, Manoj Joshi, Divyang Thakkar, Samvedna Suwalka, Pratik Gandhi, Aarti patel, Amit Mistry, Kavin Dave 

Director: Abhishek Jain

Writer: Niren Bhatt, Bhevesh Mandalia

Bey Yaar Gujarati Movie

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