Babubhai Uthi Gaya Gujarati Natak

Review: Babubhai Uthi Gaya is an adult rated gujarati natak. The play is about Jentibhai’s son Babu who is believed to be an AIDS patient. Babu is married to Neelima but after his death no one is ready to marry Neelima as his husband was believed to be an AIDS patient. No one were even ready to touch the body of Babu after his death although he died of heart attack as per the post mortem report.

Sundarlal and Babubhai were partners in the business and according to Jentibhai, Sundarlal has spread the rumour that Babu is suffering from AIDS. A person named Sundarlal who is a widower is very keen on marrying Neelima but no one is aware of the intention behind the motive of Sundarlal in marrying Neelima.

Inspite of knowing that his son was believed to be an AIDS patient, Jentibhai wants Gotu – his younger son who is in America from last 10 years to marry Neelima. Jentibhai makes some very intelligent plan so that his son Gotu agrees to come India and fall in love with Neelima to get them married. Now whats the plan he has think of ? Will Gotu agree to the plan and will marry Neelima? Or Sundarlal is the one who will marry Neelima with some hidden motive? What,s in store for the Neelima for her future is totally unpredictable and depends upon her luck.

The play is full of hilarious dirty comedy and naughtiness of the maid servant will leave will tickling. Watch this double meaning, funny comedy natak. A worth a watch for the people who are interested in watching double meaning, adult rated gujarati natak.

Cast: Harish Panchal, Keyuri Shah, Piyush Adhiya, Rashna Karai, Vistasp Gotil, Arvind Vekaria, Hitesh Sampat

Director & Writer: Harish Panchal

Babubhai Uthi Gaya Gujarati Natak

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