Baa Tussi Great Chho Gujarati Natak

Review: Baa Tussi Great Chho is a social Gujarati Natak which revolves around the character of Baa – Kokilaben and Bapuji – Kishorbhai Morabiya. Baa and Bapuji have donated crores of their property to their Ashram – “Baa Nu Ghar”, wherein all the aged people come and live together as a family. Though they are not linked with the blood relation but they all are emotionally attached. The couple have paid in advance for the expense of their eternal journey for themselves and all the other people residing with them.

The drama starts with the yoga class at Baa Nu Ghar and a small prayer.

There is a trauma behind Baa and Bapuji’s life for starting Baa Nu Ghar as before couple of years they used to live happily with their children. They have a son named Rishabh and his wife Aashika.

The fight starts between Rishabh and Aashika as Baa is taking their son and daughter-in-law for Kuldevi Darshan and Aashiki’s dad gifts the couple a trip to Bangkok and Pattaya for the same day gift for their anniversary The makes Aashika upset and she makes a plan of getting kidnapped and they go for the trip. After they come back, Bapuji comes to know about the same and he asks his son but Aashika behaves rudely with them and tells them that she can even go to the police station and file a case of domestic violence.

The disheartened bapuji gets heart attack and he is admitted to the hospital an his 95% of the heart is blocked. Baa goes to the bank as she has to deposit the money for the operation, but she comes to know that her son has withdrew the amount by using her sign and now she doesn’t have any money to deposit. The son asks her mom to take the Bapuji to the government hospital and ask for donation from people for the operation.

Baa and Bapuji are very sad and disheartened by the behaviour of their son and daughter-in-law. They had brought up Rishabh with so much care and love. They are under deep emotional trauma and they decide to sell the house as soon as possible.

The son and their daughter-in-law sells the house with wrong signature and takes the case to the court saying that their parents have sold the house and so many false things.

The disheartened and left alone parents decide to teach a lesson to their emotionless and insensitive son and daughter-in-law. But how will they succeed in their motive and what will they do to get success. Watch full natak to be a part of this social happening around us as well.

Cast: Bhairavi Shah, Harikrishna Dave, Manish Vora, Dhruv Barot, Piyush Adhiya, Pradeep Mehta, Mahendra Vanzara, Ronak Solanki

Director: Arvind Vaidya

Writer: Nimesh Shah

Baa Tussi Great Chho Gujarati Natak

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