Baa Retire Thay Chhe Guajrati Natak

Baa Retire Thay Chhe Guajrati Natak
Baa Retire Thay Chhe Guajrati Natak

Summary: There is a saying in Sanskrit, “Matru Devo Bhava”, that is, ‘Mother is God’. To say that Ba retires from a family is therefore like saying that God is retiring from the world. Like most families, the family in the play is emotionally embattled. There are the sons whose part of the world lies beyond their mother’s home; the husband who believes that he is responsible only for the material well-being of the home and the daughter who has eloped and thereby shunned by the family.

But what is Ba left with? What is that she would seek to protect? A new journey must begin; after all she is as much of a human being as her children and her husband. Sudha, the protagonist of the play, chooses to therefore “retire”.

A family drama where, a Baa (MOTHER ) has seen lot of hardship in life, for taking care of her family and bringing them up. After all the love and care she had given her children, she faces an unexpected behavior from them after their marriage which hurts her a lot. Her kids have started making a distance from her and avoid telling her about the happenings at home.

The dominating bahu’s of the family too, have started misbehaving and do not give her any importance. This leads Baa to take a major step of splitting from her family i.e. retiring from the family. Watch out for this mesmerizing dramatic family drama and enjoy!

The play makes a comeback after 23 years. The original production was directed by Shafi Inamdar, and was adapted in Gujarati by Arvind Joshi.

Cast : Padmarani, Padmarani, Sanat Vyas, Lina Shah, Kapil Bhuta, Kinjal Bhatt, Jaimin Dave, Druma Mehta,Mayur Bhavsar, Mansi Patel, Arya Rawal

Writer : Ashok Patode

Directed By: Sanjay Goradia

Baa Retire Thay Chhe Guajrati Natak

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