Baa Ae Mari Boundary Gujarati Natak

Baa Ae Mari Boundary Gujarati Natak
Baa Ae Mari Boundary Gujarati Natak


This is a social satirical comedy with its main protagonist being Bharti Bhatia , an old and a lonely woman whose status in her disturbed and strained family is nothing more than that of a piece of furniture. The treatment meted out to her is either full of humiliation or that of indifference. A sweet little take on an ordinary Gujarati middle class family that would make us laugh as well as cry.

The life of Bharti is being noticed by his grandson from US and he helps her to take her own stand in the family and to start work to gain his lost value in the family. Will her family accept her new way of living? How will they react to her? To know more about the story watch this superhit play which will make you cry and laugh at the same time. A must watch comedy and emotinal Gujarati Natak.

Cast: Padmarani, Sanas Vyas, Jagesh Mukati, Jimit Trivedi, Linesh Fanse, Snehal Trivedi,Deepali Bhuta, Harsh Mehta, Dheeraj Singh.

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Director: Vipul Mehta

Language: Gujarati

Baa Ae Mari Boundary Gujarati Natak

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