Avtran Gujarati Natak

Review: Avtran is a social rated Gujarati Natak. The play revolves around the character of a small boy named Hardik. He lives with his father Anand as his parents have separated because Anand has been a very careless, irresponsible and drunkard husband.

Anand loves his son Hardik more than anything and he regret for his past after Priya – his wife leaves him alone with his new born son. Anand and hardik lives happily with each other as Anand takes utmost care of his son. He gives Hardik love of both parents.

Few years later, Hardik suffers from a strange severe disease and he can get cured only if he gets a bone marrow transplant from any of his real brother or a sister. But this is not possible as his parents were parted at the time, Hardik was born.

On the other side, Priya is also married to someone else. So in this case, how Anand will deal and what will happen to Hardik as there is no possibility of have a second child between Anand and Priya to save his only son Hardik. Will Anand be able to save Hardik’s life? What will happen to the little innocent Hardik as he suffers  because of the differences between his parents? If Priya agrees to have a second child, what will the consequences in her married life and will her husband accept this.

A very nice social drama and definitely worth a watch for everyone. I am sure you are going to love this drama with the superb acting of Anand , Priya and their small boy Hardik with the comedy of their neighbouring couple and their servant. Below is the link to watch the drama.

Cast:  Ami Trivedi, Anand Goradia, Samir Shah, Alpesh, Homi Wadia, Devyani Thakkar, Sharad Sharma

Director:  Homi Wadia

Avtran Gujarati Natak

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