Angat Angat Naam Hata Gujarati Natak

Review: Angat Angat Naam Hata is a social cum suspense Gujarati Natak. The story is about the family of Aditya Chinoy, his wife Meera, his son Vyomesh and his wife. The natak starts with the conversation between Meera and her daughter-in-law. The conversation is about Meera ‘s ongoing health issue of brain tumour and taking her to America for her operation but she is not happy to go.

As Aditya takes his wife Meera America, he handover so his business to his son. He calls advocate to make power of attorney in the name of Vyomesh and gives him all power to look after the business and takes all decisions. Parents returns after 3 months and Vyomesh goes airport to receive his parents and shows his Dad statement of last 3 months of sales report and his father is so happy to see 3 times more sales in this period.

Vyomesh takes each and every thing from his father including his house, industries, shares and securities. Aditya is speechless and Vyomesh asks his father and mother to leave the house. Vyomesh says that to take revenge he’s been wearing a mask until 25 years. He wants to take revenge for his mother’s death which was actually a suicide and Vyomesh thinks that his father killed his mom.

Vyomesh does each and everything to make his parents suffer a lot and leaves not a single thing to hurt his parents. His wife is very much upset with all this. Will she help to make him understand ?? Watch the full natak to know whole story.

Cast: Aliraza Namdar, Anuradha Kanabar, Parth Desai, Pari Gala, Sarthak Binju, Sharad Shah, Shekhar Joshi, Devang Bhatt, Nitin Trivedi, Chintan Mehta, Mahendra Vanjara, Mayur Solanki, Nirav Parekh, Hitesh Sampat

Director: Aliraza Namdar

Writer: Imtiaz Patel

Angat Angat Naam Hata Gujarati Natak

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