Ane Pankhar Viti Gai Gujarati Natak

Ane Pankhar Viti Gai Gujarati Natak
Ane Pankhar Viti Gai Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: It is 1993. Mumbai has been terrorized with a series of bomb blasts. The bomb blast at the Bombay Stock Exchange has shaken the barometer of the financial market. One home that was affected on that black Friday was that of Vikram Nanavti.

Vikram, a flamboyant businessman is a gambler and has gambled his entire wealth away. Vikram’s ego, his hunger for amassing wealth and becoming the richest man in the world makes him blind and deaf to all the advice that his pregnant wife Aarti gives him. Vikram insults Aarti and pays no attention to her precarious condition and health and degrades her in front of his doctor friend Dr. Ajay Desai. He throws his wife out after she has given birth to their child.

It is now 2001. Eight years have passed. Vikram and Aarti’s daughter daughter Aashka has grown up to be an intelligent child and Vikram has turned a new leaf. He has regained his lost stature and respect. He has raised his child alone and for Aashka her mother is dead. Aashka is going to give a dance performance and everyone is in a joyous mood, when suddenly Aashka falls and she cannot get up. Hell breaks loose and everyone is petrified by her state. The doctors have asked Vikram to bring his wife, Aarti back home if he wants to save Aashka.

What has happened to Aashka? How does Vikram deal with this new calamity? Is he able to mend his relation with his estranged wife? What stand does Aarti take?

Cast : Ami Trivedi, Nimesh Diliprai, Devyani Thakar, Raj Vazir, Jitendra Sumra, Paresh Panchmatia, Ojas Shah, Bhavika Kapadia, Prof. Jyoti Ved, Homi Wadia

Writer : Prof. Jyoti Ved

Director : Homi Wadia

Ane Pankhar Viti Gai Gujarati Natak


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