Amar Singh Rathod Gujarati Movie

Amar Singh Rathod Gujarati Movie
Amar Singh Rathod Gujarati Movie

Synopsis:  The movie is based on Amar Singh Rathod – Rathod Rajput belonging to the royal family of Marwar, Rajasthan and a courtier of Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in seventeenth-century in India. He was the eldest son of the Maharaja of Marwar and heir to the stone but he was disinherited and exiled by his family for his behaviour towards the new Moghul spouse of his fatherand thus he the Mughals’ service.

Amar Singh Rathore is considered an icon of extraordinary might, will, and freedom. Neither fear, nor greed were able to affect his decisions. He died as a free man. The bravery of Amar singh Rathore and Ballu Champavat is still remembered in folk songs in Rajasthan and around Agra.

This movie is also made on the same subject and the lead role was played by Gujarati Super-star Upendra Trivedi. A gate of Agra Fort was named after him as ‘Amar Singh Gate’ which is a major tourist attraction in Agra. A small excerpt from a Punjabi ballad on Amar Singh Rathore describes his angry entry into Shah Jahan’s Diwan-i-Khas and Salabat Khan’s attempts to hold him back.

His legendary bravery and battle prowess resulted in elevation to a high rank in the imperial nobility and personal recognition by the emperor, who made him the subedar (governor) of a region that was directly ruled by the emperor himself, Nagaur.[1] In 1644, he was enraged by an attempt by the emperor to levy a fine on him for an unauthorized absence.

In the emperor’s presence, he stabbed and killed Salabat Khan, a noble who had been asked to collect the fine.[2] He is celebrated in some popular ballads of Rajasthan, Western Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.[3] He was the famous fighter who jumped from Agra Fort with his horse.

Cast:  Upendra Trivedi, Pradeep Kumar, Arvind Trivedi, Ramesh Mota

Director: Pradip Shah, Jitendra Rathod, Babubhai Mistri

Language: Gujarati

Year: 2007

Amar Singh Rathod Gujarati Movie

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