Aaje Raviwaar Chhe Gujarati Natak

Review: Aaje Raviwaar Chhe is a comedy cum social Gujarati Natak. It shows the excellent bond of immense love between a father and a daughter. Sunday is the only day in a week where we look forward to. This natak is features the true purity of the most awaited day of the week , “SUNDAY”  spent in a super-duper way with family and friends – totally with happy-ness, tension-less & mad-ness.

This natak is a challenge to everyone watching – what can a daughter do for her father? This story is 2 steps ahead of your thinking at every point and turn. The story is about sharing strong emotional bonding between father and a daughter and between two friends a well. Along with the laughter ride the story will definitely make your eye corners wet for sure.

Kishore bhai’s elder daughter Navya is a very good dancer and she is very passionate about her hobby. But one day her father hears a very cheap comment about a dancer and he asks Navya to promise him that she will never dance again and forget her dream. Navya happily agrees to what her father says.

Here comes the tragedy when Kishorebhai slips into comma and they need money to bring him back to life. Navya has only one option left in front of her to save her father and that it to participate in a dancing competition and win the same. But she has promised her father to leave her passion for dancing. Watch the drama to know the climax.

Cast: Rajiv Mehta, Kinjal Bhatt, Swapnil Azgaonkar, Jaimin Dave, Siddhi Idnani, Abhijeet Chitre, Bhavin Thakkar

Director: Vinod Sarvaiya

Writer: Vinod Sarvaiya

Aaje Raviwaar Chhe Gujarati Natak

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