Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chey Gujarati Natak

Review: Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chey is a comedy cum social gujarati natak. The play revolves mainly between the three characters – Khaman (Sanjay Goradia), his father NaMo (Narottam Morbiwala) and his son younger son. The disaster starts at Khaman’s house every evening at 6 p.m when his father’s departed soul enters in his younger son’s body and his younger son starts behaving like NaMo. He shoots orders to everyone and blames Khaman for everything which turns out in a very hilarious way to watch. He keeps asking Khaman that where is your younger son and they  keep saying that we have sent him abroad for further studies. Everyone including Khaman are very much tired about this routine and afraid of 6 p.m disaster.

Khaman tires each and every possible thing including consulting so many doctors and all religious rituals at several places to get rid of this every evening activity but it does not make any difference to NaMo. In short he tries all anti NaMo activities.

But here comes the twist when the politician named NaMo gets to know about all the anti NaMo activities, he thinks that the Khaman is targeting him and does all the religious rituals and to know the actual of Khaman being anti NaMo, he asks the intelligence department to follow Khaman and his activities closely. How will he react and what problems he has to face when intelligence department is behind him and how will he get free from that? Will Khaman will be free from NaMo forever ?? Watch this hilarious comedy natak.

Cast: Sanjay Goradia, Kajal Shah, Bhaskar Bhojak, Kapil Bhuta, Toral Trivedi, Pooja Damania, Manish Popat, Saheb Trivedi, Hardik Sangani

Director: Vipul Mehta

Story Adapted by: Pranav Tripathi

Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chey Gujarati Natak

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