Aa Family Komedy Chhe Gujarati Natak

Review: Aa Family Komedy Chhe is a super hit family cum comedy Gujarati Natak featuring comedy king Sanjay Goradia who is very fam famous his comedy and speech in Gujarati Natak World.Jamnadas doesn’t like to work, but he is always into something by which he can make easy and more money irrespective of being dishonest.

His father is fed up of him as people come for debt recovery and Jamnadas with one or other reason, manipulates everyone and wins at the end. He even takes up a TV Show, where he has to speak only truth. But he is always a liar and for this reason he keeps lying about his father, his family members and himself as well and wins a large sum of money by manipulating even electronic devices.

This creates problems between his family members, Initially his father was happy that he took the path of speaking truth but later he realises that what his son is doing, is to gather money for his father so he can get him treated. Its a roller coaster, funfiled comedy ride. As expected , indeed it would be as it is a play of Mr Sanjay Goradia

A man of principle Gangadas is very much upset with his manipulative son Jamnadas’(Sanjay Goradia) dishonesty and easy-money making tactics. Gangadas gets diagnosed of serious illness. However, he refuses to undergo medical treatment with Jamndas’ unethical earnings. Poor Jamnadas sees a ray of hope when he gets an opportunity to participate in reality show that requires him to speak nothing but the truth. The prize money can save his father’s life. What pursues is Jamnadas’ antics to juggle every truth with a lie. This Diwali enjoy this hilarious stress-buster!

Cast: Sanjay Goradia, Jagesh Mukati, Manisha Mehta, Kapil Bhuta, Arpita Shethia, Dhaval Pokle, Kalpana Shah, Ashvini Tekde, Karan Mehta

Director: Vipul Mehta

Writer: Vinod Sarvaiya

Aa Family Komedy Chhe Gujarati Natak

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