Aa Family Fantastic Che – Gujarati Natak

Aa Family Fantastic Che – Gujarati Natak

Aa Family Fantastic Che - Gujarati Natak
Aa Family Fantastic Che – Gujarati Natak

 Synopsis: Pradeep Jagirdar is rich, respected and happily married to his second wife, Sarla. Manoj Jagirdar the eldest son who works in the family business is married to Jagriti. Jagriti has a passion for speaking English, but ends up speaking hilariously wrong English. Drishti, the only daughter is cock eyed and wears thick glasses. Rahul the youngest son is a pampered child, which makes him arrogant, impatient, carefree and rude.

The family does not appreciate Rahul’s bad-mannered and discourteous behavior. But Pradeep Jagirdar surprisingly supports a son who gives a damn about the world and thinks of himself as superior to all. Pradeep Jagirdar protects Rahul from the world and the family in all situations. He grants everything Rahul demands, even if the demand is most unreasonable.

But then one day the family is in a crisis. It’s an emotional crisis. Will Rahul change and undertstand? Is this going to be a ‘fantastic’ family against all odds?

Cast : Pratap Saidev, Vandana Vithalaani, Nayan Shukla, Disha Chawla, Ketan Sagar, Hetal Dedhia, Isha Pathak, Kailash Vyas, Sanjay Garodia

Writer : Pravin Solanki

Director : Vipul Mehta

Aa Family Fantastic Che – Gujarati Natak

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  • November 4, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Hello, I am Tamanna, BE Computer Engineer, from Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
    I have been finding Mr. Ketan Sagar for a very long time but can not find him on any social networking media. May I please have honor to talk with him once!!? I like him a lot.
    Please let me talk to him just once. 🙂 Thank you…


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