31 Madh Rate Gujarati Natak

31 Madh Rate Gujarati Natak
31 Madh Rate Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: ‘A Gujarati thriller with a difference’ in which noted Gujarati stage actor, Homi Wadia plays ‘a super cop.’ The story revolves around a father and a son and the action takes place in a five-star hotel in Goa. Father (Himanshu Gokani) is a famous filmmaker. His son (Rasik Dave) too is in the same business but wants to carve an identity for himself. He is tired of being in his father’s shadow and grudges the fact that people always refer to his father while talking to him.

The crime in the play takes place in the first twenty odd minutes and it is clear soon that it is neither a crime of passion nor for other causes such as money. Known producer, director and actor, Rasik Dave turns writer with this play. Speaking of the play he said that the children of famous people tend to undergo traumatic experiences of identity. And this play is about the consequences of such psychological outcomes. Rasik Dave took a four-month break to script this play, which is based on an English novel that he had read a long time back.

Cast : Rasik Dave, Homi Wadia, Gayatri Royal, Devyani Thakkar, Haresh Panchal

Writer : Rasik Dave

Director : Rasik Dave

31 Madh Rate Gujarati Natak


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