102 Not Out Gujarati Natak

102 Not Out Gujarati Natak
102 Not Out Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: This is a cheerful, youthful play on the phenomenon of old age. The bowler called life has a variety of deliveries ranging from difficult yorkers to easy full tosses. Dattatraya Vakharia at the age of 102 has a simple philosophy that of enjoying each and every ball and each and every moment at the crease.

He remains cheerfully not out at the age of 102 and also teaches old people to be young. The biggest challenge for Dattatraya though, lies in changing the life of his 75 year old son Babu. This is a hilarious comedy in which Dattatraya Vakharia accepts this unique challenge.

Cast : Jayesh More, Prem Gadhavi, Himen Trivedi, Vishal Vaishya

Writer : Somya Joshi

Director : Somya Joshi

102 Not Out Gujarati Natak


2 thoughts on “102 Not Out Gujarati Natak

    • May 7, 2014 at 11:52 am

      hey u have download link for this gujarati drama ????
      if u have it then plz post the link to download…


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